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Peel It. Stick it. Go.

Someone had to think of it so I did.

The inspiration came while running on a  Northern California mountaintop trail. It was a beautiful sunny day and would have been a “perfect moment”  …except…for  the awkward “death grip” of my hand on my phone.

I’d tried armbands and waist-belts and even tucking my phone into my sports bra, but all the existing options were too cumbersome and uncomfortable.

I just wanted a lightweight, body-contoured place to put my phone that was easy to get to and simple to use–like a stick- on pocket.  It didn’t seem like too much to ask, but nothing like this existed!

And Go Pocket Was Born…

I immediately got to work in my garage in Marin County,  inventing a strong temporary pocket that lets you choose where to put it and when to take it off . I”ve been lucky enough to find local production partners and recyclable fabric all right here in my Nor Cal backyard.

Many prototypes and tests later, GO POCKET is ready for YOU!

Now I hear from people around the world who are using GOPOCKETS during all kinds of activities–yoga, hiking, rock climbing and even salsa dancing!. And creative peeps are sharing how they use GO POCKETS  for things besides their phones–keys, tissues, notes to teachers, and even parking receipts in their cars!

My vision is for you to use GO POCKET not just to hold your stuff but to be your platform:  upload your own design, message, logo or event graphic. Production is as local as possible and we will soon be using all recycled fabric. GO POCKET: Solving one problem solves many.

Caitlin McVarish, Go Pocket Creator
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Runners, Hikers & Active People ♥ Go Pocket

I like that my hand doesn’t freeze in the cold or get super sweaty in the heat anymore!  Not having to hold a phone while running is life changing. Well, distance and comfort changing!

–   Brittany De Vita, Novato, CA

If you’re like me and prefer running, walking or hiking hands-free, NO problem! Go Pocket holds your phone for you.  Use those arms!!

–  Sharon Henderson, New Canaan, CT

The Go Pocket is great- it stayed on and kept my phone secure, and left no sticky residue on my shirt! I think they would also be perfect for a key, GU or a drivers license.

–   Melissa McSweeny, Hartford, CT

Go Pocket is A Family Affair

Go Pocket is a conscientious, family owned California startup with a mission to solve the problem of where to put your stuff and be hands free on the go.

Caitlin is the founder with a background in textiles and triathlon.  Bringing Go Pocket to market has happened thanks to specific roles of each family member.

From left to right: Matteo (digital marketing/ web), Caitlin (creator, design & production ), John ( willing test subject and visionary thinker), Georgia (green supply chain/ lowest carbon footprint). Isabella, not pictured, (social marketing).


We can’t wait to hear from you!

Got Questions? Comments? An inspired use for GO POCKET? Bring it!